What You Need To Know About Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are the best places to store wine. For hundreds of years, people all over the world have been using wine cellars to store barrels of wine.  In most cases, these wine cellars are located underground and have direct contract with the soil.

According to experts, the temperature in wine cellars that are directly in contact with the soil is easier to control compared to those wine cellars that are complete enclosed in concrete. In the older times, people use natural caves to store their wines. Caves have the perfect temperature to keep the wine well preserved for a long time. In fact, the conditions inside the natural caves is said to improve the taste of the wine over time.

Since caves are very good places to store wine, there are still many wine producers in France who are using natural caves as storage places of their wine. These natural wine cellars are not only economical, they are also environment friendly.

Wine Cellar Designs

The design of wine cellars depends largely on the needs of the wine producer and the conditions of the place where the cellar is located. Although one is free to make variations in the design of their wine cellars, there are some factors that should be taken into considers when setting up the wine cellars. According to experts, there are some things that are considered as non-negotiable when it comes to setting up wine cellars such the temperature, the location, the lighting and ventilation.

Temperature is very important when it comes to storing wines. You will need to make sure that the temperature inside the cellar is more or less stable. This means that the temperature inside the cellar should be between 45F to 65F only. The variation of the temperature, if any should be gradual so that the wine will not get spoiled. The location of the cellar is very important. The cellar must be constructed in a place that is exposed to vibrations. According to experts, vibrations can disturb the wine and can affect its taste.

When it comes to the lighting and ventilation of your wine cellar, you should make sure that you do not put bright lights inside your cellar. Bright lights could interfere with the aging process of the wine so instead of using those bright florescent light, you should use some dim lights. On the other hand, your cellar needs ventilation to keep away molds and mildew from developing.

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