Sweet Red Wine – For those with a sweet tooth

The colour of wine is not determined by the grape, but by the present or absence of the grape skin during fermentation. Red wine is made from red or black grapes, but its red color comes from a process called maceration, where the skin is left in contact with the juice during fermentation.

Red wines are known for their health benefits and sweet red wines are very popular among new wine drinkers who are seeking a wine as sweet as possible; most new wine drinkers are used to sweet drinks such as fizzy drinks and sweetened coffee and are seeking the same thing in a wine. Sweet red wines are becoming more popular and yet are often quite hard to find, with prices varying from quite cheap to quite expensive. The best option to find one that is sweet and local to you is go to your local wine specialist and ask their advice for what they recommend.

Popular Sweet Red Wine Styles

Popular sweet red wines are the Zinfandel and the Merlot style which are both incredibly sweet and popular in North America. Another popular sweet red wine is port, known as a ‘dessert’ wine and drunk very often in households at Christmas time. Port is higher in alcohol than regular wine and is very sweet, thick and rich.

Many American wineries make very sweet red wines, yet Hungary and Greece to the east are other good sources for sweet reds. Nearly every regional American winery makes some type of sweet red wine, either from Concord grapes or French-American mixtures of grapes.

Some of the best Sweet Red Wines Available

Honeywood Winery Concord Grape – A very sweet red wine, which is incredibly popular, this is a native American grape that is often frowned upon by many wine makers because it is not French. It is quite cheap at around nine dollars.

Beaujolais Villages Nouveau – Around Thanksgiving time this is widely available for around 6 weeks and is very popular with the public and is categorized as sweet and fruity.

Moscato d’Asti – This is a popular sweet red dessert wine which is popular to drink after dinner with different kind of cheeses.

Catawba – This is not the name of a wine, but an ingredient that is used primarily to make sweet red wines that produce a musky lambruco flavor. This is a very popular choice for a sweet red wine ingredient.

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