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What Beginners Need To Know About The Different Types Of Wine

Wines have been very popular throughout the ages. Over the years, different types of wines have been developed in different parts of the world. Some of the most popular types of wines are the red wine, the white wine, the table wine, the sparkling wine and the cooking wine. These types of wines also have sub type under them. However, since these things are too many to mention and will just confuse beginners; let us just start by discussing the four most popular types of wines.

The Red Wine And The White Wine

When it comes to popular types of wines, the red wine and the wine white always top the ranking. Many people all over the world prefer to drink these types of wine after dinner. In most European countries, drinking of red wine and white is very common. In fact, many Europeans would not consider their dinner as complete without a glass of wine.

What determines the color of the wine?

The presence or the absence of the skin of the grapes determines the color of the wine. White wine is produced by removing the skin of the grapes before extracting the juice. On the other hand, red wine is produced by letting the red skin of the grapes get into contact with the juice during the fermentation process. Since the heavy flavor of grapes is concentrated on its skin, red wine usually taste a bit stronger compared to white wine. White wine usually has light taste thus it goes well with subtly flavored dishes and light meals while red wine is best suited for strong flavored meals.

The Sparkling Wine

Another popular type of wine is the sparkling wine. Sparkling wine has a high level of carbon dioxide which is manifested in its fizzy nature. Some wines only have small amount of carbon while others, especially those that have been injected with carbon dioxide during the fermentation process have high carbon content and fizzle really well. Many people refer to the sparkling wine as the champagne style wine. Since this wine fizzle almost like champagne, many people opt to use this type of wine instead of champagne during celebrations.

The Table Wine

The table wine is another type of wine that has become popular over the years. This type of wine has higher alcohol content compared to other types of wine. In the United States, the alcohol content of table wine is just within the 8.5% and the 14% alcohol content but in Europe, table usually have alcohol content of more that 14%.